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Jeff De Luca

Jeff De Luca is a global IT strategist with rare skills. In a world where academic qualifications are often considered paramount, Jeff's determination and skills have seen him succeed in the competitive IT business, despite never completing his secondary education.

Jeff has advanced from the (non-IT) IBM mail room boy in 1981, through a highly successful and 'decorated' IBM career, to his present situation as one of the world's leading IT solution providers. This man with rare talents is now a visionary IT leader with great human relations skills and the ability to empower those around him to work creatively.

Jeff De Luca has a simple business philosophy: he aims 'to deliver projects on time, within budget and with agreed function'. The secret that enables him to do so is understanding people. Even with tools such as colour modelling and FDD, Jeff considers people to be his most important project resource and simple and effective communications with them the most important aspect of any relationship. Understanding people and communicating with them is Jeff's business. His fluency and insights on complex IT issues, couched in laymen's terms, makes him an excellent resource for your organisation.    

Nebulon Pty. Ltd. is Jeff De Luca's consulting practice: hand-picked people that make a difference.   

Some Of The Technologies We Use

Colour Modelling with Archetypes
 - Always more than one way to model a problem
 - How do you know which is the best model to use?
 - Colours represent archetypes that tell you what to do
 - Little building blocks you use again and again
 - A simple, systematic way to build object models across all domains [more]

Project Knowledge Management System
 - All project artifacts published and linked
 - Minutes, memos, models, source code, inspection logs, presentations, etc.
 - Fully traceable
 - Can click from a requirement to the model, to source code, to inspection log for that code, to what build it's in, to defects against it, and so on [more]

Feature Driven Development (FDD)
 - Working results every two weeks or less
 - Very small blocks of client-valued function called features
 - Detailed planning and measurement guidance
 - Tracks and reports with amazing accuracy
 - Detailed tracking within a project, and higher-level summaries for clients and management, all in business terms
 - Provides a way to know within the first 10% of a project, if the plan and estimate are sound [more]