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Project Knowledge Management System (KMS)

A project consists of many pieces of information. Minutes of meetings, presentations to users or management or steering committees and so on, requirements documents, models, source code, build reports, issues and issues logs, defects, e-mail discussions, and many, many others.

A typical project does not have all these pieces of information linked, has no uniform search, access or indexing, and not all the infromation is visible to all the project members.



In all our Software Design and Build projects we implement a project Knowledge Management System

All Information Published

  • All information published on a web server: minutes, agendas, requirements documents, code documentation, build reports, and so on.

Discussions Captured Online

  • Discussion groups (newsgroups) extensively used. Very little private e-mail in percentage terms. Newsgroups gives you a topical message thread to follow as well as an audit trail. Very useful to recall why. Very useful for ramp-up time of new team members.

Full Traceability

  • Can click all the way from requirements doc, through model, code, build etc. Side-click to inspection reports, etc.

Open Project Management

  • Everything published - plans, presentations to end users or top management, etc.
  • Only data censored is budgetary and personnel data.
  • Newsgroups contributes to open approach: threads are public, straight-talk encouraged, feedback from any team member actively encouraged and enabled.

Central Directory

  • Using the central directory HTML pages are dynamically generated to display the project organisation chart, project roles, developer lists, etc.

Knowledge Applications

  • Several server applications for automation and standardisation. For example, a meeting minutes app, issues log, and so on.