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Your Nebulon consultant has had experiences delivering what your organisation is trying to achieve. Coupled with their high-level skills and problem-solving abilities and utilising the freshness of an outsider's view, Nebulon consultants can quickly identify or pre-empt problems that insiders may not readily notice.

We call these hands-on assignments the "Show and Do" approach to consulting. This means that your Nebulon consultant is well versed in dealing with problems, including identifying them, showing how to solve them, discussing the solution and determining the best way to advance your company's progress.

We run two consulting streams: Management and Technical.

Accredited FDD Training

Accredited Feature Driven Development training that comes with Certification is here.

How To Deliver Better Software Using FDD

This two-day workshop teaches you the key “how to” lessons in order to run a Feature Driven Development Project. This workshop covers the total project experience - addressing the needs of the key leadership roles: Project Manager, Development Manager, Chief Architect, and Chief Programmer. This workshop includes numerous examples as well as extensive learn-by-example labs. [more]

How To Design Better Software Using FDD

This workshop teaches you the art of building better object models. [more]

Design and Build

"We build software" and we do it using expert teams. An Expert Team is

  • A small number of world-class people operating under clearly defined and well-bounded processes.
  • With experience in repeatedly delivering solutions on time and on budget with agreed function.
  • Who know what works and what doesn't and have the expertise to apply this to your business.
  • Who listen to your needs and deliver seemingly amazing results.
  • That can also transfer the "system for building systems" to your team.



How To Order

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Organisation Related Consulting

 - I.T. Governance

 - Strategic Business Alignment of I.T. Projects and Programs

 - The Management Frameworks for Application Delivery

 - Strategic Platform and Architecture Definition

 - Making Organisational Change Possible

 - Agile practices for your organisation

 - And many others

Project Related Consulting

 - Implementing an Agile project

 - Getting the project started

 - Reviewing the estimates for the project

 - Planning a management presentation using the projects' models

 - Setting and disseminating measurable deliverables

 - How to interact with domain experts (users)

 - Planning the best use of tools

 - Reviewing the application architecture

 - Implementing design and code inspections

 - Effective and practical use of UML for class and sequence diagrams

 - Architecting and implementing server-side solutions with J2EE using Java Server Pages, Servlets and Enterprise Java Beans

 - And many others