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How To Deliver Better Software Using FDD

This workshop teaches you the key “how to” lessons in order to run a Feature Driven Development Project.

Workshop Description

This "FDD Accredited" 2-day workshop brings all the required pieces together for running successful software projects using Feature Driven Development. This workshop covers the total project experience - addressing the needs of the key leadership roles: Project Manager, Development Manager, Chief Architect, and Chief Programmer. This workshop includes numerous examples as well as extensive learn-by-example labs.

This Workshop Teaches You:

  • How To Kickoff a Feature Driven Development Project
  • How To Develop an Overall Model
  • How To Create the Project Environment
  • How To Continuously Improve
  • The Five FDD Processes in Detail
  • How To Run a Feature Driven Devleopment Project

Download the full How To Deliver workshop brochure (PDF).

How To Design Better Software Using FDD 

This workshop teaches you the art of building better object models.

It uses the UML modeling in color approach described in the best-selling book "Java Modeling in Color". I have great success with this approach and use it on all my own software projects and those I run for my clients. We'll begin with the theory and then iterate through modeling examples, each time letting you practice more of the art of object modeling. We will be using a "learn by example" technique that drives home the lessons on how to build better object models. We will also make heavy use of an interactive, participatory teaching format.

Download the full How To Design workshop brochure (PDF).


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Hi Bob,

I have been meaning to write you, Jeff, and Paul an email. If you would forward it to them I would appreciate it.

Wanted to thank all of you for an excellent workshop. All the developers in Cambridge really enjoyed it and most importantly felt that the information, the knowledge, will be tremendously useful. Without any doubt it has forced me to re-examine my understanding of OO and how to properly architect systems.

We have already had three modeling sessions with users and found that the categorization into archetypes makes the creation of models much easier, and the visual dimension of color makes understanding and communicating our models much easier. The other interesting observation that we have made during these modeling sessions is that modeling with more than one group is not just a good idea, it is an essential ingredient. Initially we intended to model all together. Fortunately, we divided into two groups and immediately saw the benefits.

The bottom line, from my perspective, is that the course was an unequivocal success.

Thanks again,

Mark Lesk
Sr. IT Consultant
Wyeth Research
Cambridge, MA, USA

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 - Download the full How To Deliver workshop brochure (PDF)

 - Download the full How To Design workshop brochure (PDF)

 - Visit the Feature Driven Development website for details on FDD Certification

Key Workshop Features
 - Extensive use of learn-by-example labs to reinforce informational topics and enhance ease of adoption

 - Substantial content comes from our mentoring and consulting work. That is, the most frequently asked questions.

 - Delivered by a Certified FDD Consultant (the highest level of FDD certification)

 - Supported by a CD with workshop-specific collateral

 - Attendees that successfully complete a workshop will be awarded Certified FDD Aware status. Your name and certification level will be published on a controlled public registry, and you will receive a personal certificate signed by Jeff De Luca (FDD Creator). This certification puts you well on the way to achieving Certified FDD Associate which is the foundation/essentials level for Feature Driven Development.