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We’ve been touting the benefits of a cloud-managed infrastructure for some time now. You might understand how it works but why does it really matter and what sets one solution apart from another? Some vendors and solutions may be able to bring a benefit here or there like automation or fleet management, but in a truly cloud-managed solution you get the whole package. More specifically, you get the ability to bring the cloud-experience to your on-premises application data. (If you’re looking for a technical deep dive, we’d recommend you nerd out on a blog written by Nebulon’s resident Cloud Architect Michael Heyeck that details how the technology enables the process).

We’re excited to announce that Nebulon has partnered with Comport to bring IT Organizations like yours the benefits of cloud-managed infrastructure, specifically for server-based storage, without the expense and limitations of 3-tier architecture or the restrictions of hyper-converged infrastructure.


So, what benefits can a truly cloud-managed, server-based storage infrastructure for your on-premises data from Comport and Nebulon bring to your IT organization?

Benefit 1: “Rack to full stack” for any application, anywhere in minutes
Rapid composability for virtualized, containerized & bare metal applications from core to the edge

Benefit 2: “As-a-service” storage operations simplified
Zero-touch AI-assisted management reduces operational overhead by up to 75%

Benefit 3: Tremendous benefits in cost and efficiency
No external storage reduces costs up to 50%, avoiding HCI preserves 100% of the server for any application

Benefit 4: No new vendor required
smartInfrastructure comes as a server option in your HPE ProLiant DL380 so, no new vendor is required

Interested in learning more? Join our webinar on February 24th at 11 am EST titled “death to the SAN: the only way to get a cloud-experience on-prem” because we believe that moving to a cloud-managed, server-based storage solution, without the restrictions imposed by hyper-converged infrastructure is the only way for IT organizations like yours to get the cloud-experience, on-premises. Hear directly from Comport’s CTO, Erik Krucker, Director of Sales, David Gerrity and Brian Kelly of Nebulon who will detail the benefits outlined above and give you the reasons why you should consider Comport with Nebulon smartInfrastructure. And bonus – if you join the live session, you will be entered to win 1 of 3 great prizes. Register now.

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Pooja Desai-Singh

Head of Marketing

Previously marketing at HPE & 3PAR