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Meet Inca Cloud

Inca Cloud is all about cloud-powered integration. The company focuses on helping enterprise customers move from an appliance-based to an application-based world. 

Continually expanding its portfolio, UK-based Service Provider, Inca Cloud just launched a new Inca Cloud WSO cloud service. It’s built for hosted and private cloud deployments—and it provides a multi-cloud solution that’s a clear alternative to Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. 

Here’s the innovative part: Inca Cloud WSO provides a single orchestration layer that leverages Nebulon smartInfrastructure technology via a common API across an entire hybrid cloud deployment. 

How customers drove the need for something new  

For a while now, enterprises have been focused on moving application data to the public cloud. Why? To take advantage of the operational simplicity and ease that comes with public cloud.   

But Inca Cloud noticed that some of their customers were not quite sure how to start that move and were often challenged with how to quantify its cost and service-level implications. These factors contribute to organizations often making the decision to move specific workloads to the cloud while retaining others on-premises, but without a complete picture of the resulting costs and service levels. As a result, companies that moved a bit prematurely to the cloud are now starting to bring some critical application data back on-premises 

The search for a cloud solution strategy (that wasn’t hyperconverged) 

Keeping all this in mind, Inca Cloud looked for a way to give customers upfront knowledge and tools to answer this big question: What’s the most optimal and cost-effective cloud solution that can meet my changing data requirements?   

The goal was to create a service that allows organizations to not only deploy a single solution across public and private cloud deployments but also have a single top-down view wherever their data resided. Keeping this in mind, Inca also knew this would be a way for them to offer new services, grow their margin and keep their customers happy. 

From the get-go, it was clear that hyperconverged infrastructure was not the right approach to this new cloud service. Infrastructure costs would be too high, application support limited and management cumbersome.  

There was a need for something smarter. 

Enter Nebulon smartInfrastructure: go public, go private in one single, simple cloud operating model  

Choosing Nebulon smartInfrastructure to support Inca Cloud WSO gives Inca Cloud an API-first solution—in the form of server-embedded, infrastructure software that’s a cost-effective and agile alternative to hyperconverged infrastructure software. This gives Inca Cloud’s customers the option to choose a hybrid cloud solution with data hosted in a combination of the public cloud and the Inca-hosted Nebulon solution.  

The best part? With the Inca-Nebulon solution, customers can deploy within their private cloud data centers and reap the cloud-management benefits inherent to Nebulon smartInfrastructure.  

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