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2019 was a big year for Nebulon and 2020 is off to a great start with our latest super exciting news. For starters, we have a new UK-based subsidiary, Nebulon Ltd., which is home to our Belfast-based development center and London-based EMEA sales headquarters. We also established an international partnership with the Northern Ireland government aimed at making our new subsidiary even more successful. And not to be outdone, here in the US we just opened a cloud engineering hub in Seattle and a West coast sales office in Silicon Valley. #startuplifeisthebestlife #nebnews

Belfast Beauty: Nebulon’s New EMEA Development Center 

Establishing our new EMEA Development Center in Belfast, a.k.a. Northern Ireland’s tech hub, was a no-brainer. This is a play we have run in previous companies with terrific results, so the decision was a simple one.  The engineering talent, both at other tech companies in the area as well as the local universities, make Belfast a terrific and affordable European presence.

If that were not enough of an incentive, support from Invest Northern Ireland (Invest NI), an economic development agency within Northern Ireland’s Department for the Economy, was icing on the cake. We were able to secure nearly £100,000 through Invest NI to kickstart our WW expansion, and have job openings for Belfast’s best and brightest in the areas of cloud, security and storage software development.

To seal the deal, we hired our friend and former 3PAR colleague, Jonathan McDowell, who is leading the Belfast team. Jonathan is a two-decade software development expert and has been a contributor to Debian Linux for several years. He is also the only software architect I know who also has a law degree—wow!

Seattle Forecast: (Nebulon) Clouds with a Chance of Donuts

Not only are we growing our European presence, our expansion includes a move into the US Pacific Northwest where we are hiring a team of expert cloud and security engineers in our Northwest Development Center in Bellevue, Washington. It’s no secret that with Google, Snap, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., the greater Seattle area is the global hub for cloud computing expertise. So naturally that is where we went to tap the world’s best software architects and data specialists to develop our revolutionary cloud-defined storage offerings.

We opened our Northwest Development Center on January 2nd, and it is run by cloud architect and former Snap, Inc. guru, Michael Heyeck. Michael is leading Nebulon cloud development and building a world-class team in Bellevue. If you get a chance to meet Michael, you will have to ask him about his time in game development—it’s awesome! Welcome Michael and welcome to our new Northwest Development Center!

Open for Business: New Sales Offices in London and Silicon Valley

Engineering operations is not the only thing growing as we roll in to 2020. In addition to our new development centers, we have also opened our new International Sales Headquarters in London and our West Coast Sales office here in Silicon Valley. Like in Northern Ireland, we turned to another friend and former 3PAR colleague, Tim Pitcher, to lead our international sales team. Tim has joined as Nebulon’s new vice president of international sales and along with Martin Cooper, Nebulon’s new senior director of solution architects. Tim has held senior executive roles at 3PAR, SolidFire and more recently NetApp. Martin also comes with a stellar pre-sales track record at Solidfire and more recently NetApp, where he led the EMEA SE team. We are lucky to convert these two talented guys into #nebnerds to help us bring cloud-defined storage to hybrid IT organizations in EMEA and beyond.

With EMEA well underway, we turned our attention to the US where we were looking for someone with solid startup, cloud and storage experience who could take something as disruptive as cloud-defined storage to market. We found the perfect guy in Steve Napoli who joins Nebulon as our Western Area Sales Director. As it turns out, we knew all the same people but had never worked together before. Steve has the best startup sales credentials of anyone I have ever met, from early days at NetApp, DataDomain and Tintri, and more recently at Minio, an open source cloud storage player. We are really excited to welcome Steve to the #nebnerd team!

Yes, we have lots happening at Nebulon to kick off the new year. And while we still can’t say too much about what we are doing, if you want a sneak peek ([email protected]) or are simply interesting in joining the team (USA: [email protected] or Northern Ireland: [email protected])—just let us know!

Silicon Valley Headquarters
Nebulon, Inc.
3089 Skyway Court
Fremont, CA 94539
EMEA Development Center
Nebulon, Ltd.
Scottish Provident Building
Donegall Square West
Belfast, BT1 6JH
West Coast Sales Office
Nebulon, Inc.
3161 Skyway Court
Fremont, CA 94539
International Sales Headquarters
Nebulon, Ltd.
Mulberry House
Shrubbs Hill Lane, Sunningdale
Berkshire, SL5 0LD, UK
Northwest Development Center
Nebulon, Inc.
3120 139th Ave SE
Suite 05-112
Bellevue, WA 98005

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Craig Nunes


Previously 3PAR VP of Product & Marketing, then HPE VP of Global Storage Product Management & Marketing.