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It is common for IT organizations to be concerned with protecting applications, servers, storage, networks, and their cloud environments. All too often, however, the infrastructure layer, specifically the deep infrastructure layer, goes overlooked.

In a recent article in Security Management Online by Nebulon CEO, Siamak Nazari he discusses the importance of having a proactive, all-encompassing security strategy because, according to him, the reality is that persistent threats are already looming in your deep infrastructure layer.

Think that is terrifying? Siamak also mentions in the article that “due to the cumbersome and manual nature of [the] updating process, IT organizations tend to ignore the firmware, leaving a huge hole that is very open to ransomware and other attacks.”

The good news is that you can take action to protect your deep infrastructure layers starting today by reading the full article at Security Management Online. To learn more about Nebulon’s smartInfrastructure and cyber-resilient solution, sign up for a free demo.

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Pooja Desai-Singh

Head of Marketing

Previously marketing at HPE & 3PAR