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Storage Field Day 20 is approaching fast! On August 6th, 2020 at 10 AM – 12PM PST Nebulon is poised to participate in our first Storage (Tech) Field Day! Our CEO, Siamak Nazari and COO, Craig Nunes will provide the delegates and those watching online an overview of the company and our vision. Next up we will provide a deep dive into the Nebulon technology stack. This deep-dive will include the Nebulon SPU and our cloud-based control plane – Nebulon ON. We will also be featuring several live product demos where we will feature our Kubernetes CSI driver, Nebulon Configuration Templates AND introduce you to the world of Nebulon ON.

You can join in on the excitement and watch LIVE on August 6th @ 10 AM on this page. If you do view directly from this page, make sure to register to win a $200 Amazon gift card using the form below! We are very excited to share with the #SFD20 community all the coolness that is Nebulon. We hope to see you here!

Storage Field Day Playlist:

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