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The passionate sharing of knowledge, best practices, and experiences with like-minded individuals, collaboration, networking, loving what you do and always being willing to help others! These are all characteristics of folks who actively participate in the IT Community. In my professional career the IT Community – also known as the #vCommunity – has played an immense role.

Personally, I have been a nominated member of the VMware vExpert, Microsoft MVP and Cisco Champion programs over the years – I have a good background of how these communities work, and we are super passionate about building a community program here at Nebulon. As an initial forage into the community, today I am very excited to announce the Nebulon #nebnerd Community Slack!

Unlike the nomination-based community programs, the Nebulon #nebnerd Community Slack is open to partners, customers, prospects, and our server OEMs. Members of the Nebulon #nebnerd Community have exclusive access to collaborate with other smartInfrastructure users, receive direct access to Nebulon product teams, and obtain early access to new features & capabilities.

Let’s Get Signed Up!
It’s quite simple to get going and signed up in the Nebulon #nebnerd Community Slack.

  1. Head over to
  2. Enter your professional Email address → No, we will NOT use your contact information in any marketing – promise!
  3. Participate!

If you have any questions on the community program feel free to reach out! 

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Clint Wyckoff

Principle Technical Marketing Engineer

Clint Wyckoff is an avid technologist, cloud enthusiast and IT Pro Community contributor with over 15 years of real-world enterprise data center architecture experience. Clint is an energetic and engaging speaker and places a large emphasis on solving the real-world challenges IT professionals face.