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SYSDBA the word on the street is… For the past two decades, SYSDBA has been first to market with relevant new technologies for many of the most important companies in South Africa and the United Kingdom Nebulon’s smartInfrastructure offers a way for our clients to attack the cost of mission-critical storage with an innovative server-based approach, and speed operations with AIOps and critical infrastructure insights. – nick de beer, COO Polcom the word on the street is… As one of the largest and most modern cloud datacenters in Poland, we are constantly looking for innovative new ways to reduce costs and deliver higher levels of service. As the very first to experience Nebulon’s smartInfrastructure in Europe, we were excited that we could use this with any hypervisor or operating system, including our bare-metal application infrastructure—something we cannot get from any of the HCI technologies in the market. – marcin gwóźdź, CEO Azuba the word on the street is… At Azuba we market innovative storage and data management solutions to major enterprises across Spain and South America. As our customers continue to drive operational efficiency and simplicity in to their business, Nebulon’s approach to server-based enterprise storage, AI and cloud offer a disruptive alternative to todays array based storage platforms. – marisol bauza, managing director Anonymous the word on the street is… Nebulon smartInfrastructure offloads the data reduction CPU costs, which permits moving away from external storage without having to increase server CPU investments while also keeping the critical data reduction features that make all-flash effective. – private cloud architect, major automotive manufacturer DCi2 the word on the street is… To manage costs most effectively for our business, our strategy has always been total automation of operations. For DCI, Nebulon is the next evolutionary step when it comes to storage operations. With smartInfrastructure, Nebulon provides us with the flexible cost-effective approach we need while allowing us to respond faster and deliver new services quicker for our customers. Even better, I have greater hardware flexibility and can buy directly from my existing server vendor. – chris ward-jones, cto

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