recover from ransomware

in under 4 minutes

The average length of business interruption after a ransomware attack is 22 days…even if you pay the ransom! How much would that many days of downtime cost your organization?

Cybersecurity Ventures estimated that ransomware attacks accounted for $20 billion in global corporate losses in the US in 2021.

Novulutions has partnered with Nebulon to bring you TimeJump, a smartInfrastructure service that mitigates ransomware attacks by securing both the operating system and application data so you can recover entire clusters near-instantly after an attack.

Join this webinar to understand how to:

  • Easily recover application data & operating systems
  • Reduce cluster recovery time from hours or days to under 4 minutes – yes really!
  • Implement new protective technologies that minimizes the risk of future attacks