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Online Security Publication Recognizes Cyber-resilient smartInfrastructure Pioneer for its 4-minute Ransomware Recovery Solution

FREMONT, Calif., June 15, 2022 – Nebulon, Inc.®, the pioneer of cyber-resilient smartInfrastructure™, today announced that it has been recognized by eSecurity Planet in the latter’s list of “Best Disaster Recovery Solutions of 2022.” Nebulon was specifically acknowledged for its cyber-resilient infrastructure solutions, Nebulon TimeJump™ and Nebulon ImmutableBoot™, which enable full physical server infrastructure recovery in the event of a ransomware attack to a previous version of the application data and to a known, good version of the operating system.

Numerous vendors on the market offer robust data protection solutions for application data via snapshot capabilities, but do not always have equally robust recovery solutions for operating systems. A recent survey showed that 96% of companies with a trusted backup and disaster recovery plan were able to survive ransomware attacks, while 93% of companies that suffer a major data disaster and don’t have one in place are out of business within one year.1

Nebulon’s TimeJump and ImmutableBoot solutions work together to apply the snapshot philosophy to complete ransomware recovery of the entire server, cluster, and ultimately data center operating environment. TimeJump was designed to recover critical application data and any infected operating systems on which that data is used, offering full physical infrastructure recovery in under 4 minutes. ImmutableBoot, a reboot-to-recover solution, enables companies to revert back to a “frozen” snapshot of a known, good version of the operating system with a simple server reboot. The snapshots are tamper-proof and protected from malicious or unintentional deletion so that critical recovery points are always available during the recovery process. Together, TimeJump and ImmutableBoot allow organizations to recover both the application data and the operating system, not just the data, faster and more reliably for thousands of servers dispersed across the globe in 4-minutes.

“We are thrilled to be recognized in eSecurity Planet’s list of best data protection solutions,” said Siamak Nazari, Nebulon CEO. “As the first and only combined server and storage solution to offer 4-minute ransomware recovery, Nebulon can help enterprises and MSPs protect against ransomware threat vectors in deep infrastructure and recover quickly in the event of an attack.”

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About Nebulon, Inc.
Nebulon, Inc. was founded by a group of ex-3PAR executives to pioneer smartInfrastructure, a cyber-resilient cloud operating platform for customer data centers. smartInfrastructure delivers the benefits of the public cloud experience, on-premises, from core to edge, for any application—containerized, virtualized, or bare metal. Key Nebulon solutions include: cyber-resilient infrastructure, smartEdge, and smartIaaS. Nebulon is headquartered in Fremont, Calif. and has offices in Seattle, London, and Belfast, Northern Ireland. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @nebuloninc.

Media Contact:
Jon Lavietes
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