OEM partners

We partner with major datacenter infrastructure companies to make cloud-defined storage available to you!

“HPE ProLiant servers deliver a secure, high-performing foundation for enterprises to optimize innovative storage capabilities across growing hybrid IT environments. By combining HPE ProLiant servers with nebulon’s cloud-defined storage, we are enabling customers to expand their hybrid IT solutions and further automate storage operations.”

– Neil Macdonald, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Compute at HPE

“Supermicro is a leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology innovation with the most optimized selection for IT, datacenter and HPC environments. Nebulon’s cloud-defined storage technology leverages Supermicro’s Ultra systems to create an exciting new server-based storage solution, and we are excited to work with nebulon and others to support customers for enterprise-class storage deployments.”

– Eric Sindelar, GM of Operations and Advanced Technology Development at Supermicro