the ultimate guide to smartInfrastructure

get the ultimate inside scoop on all things smartInfrastructure

If you’ve heard the marketing pitch, but now really want to get into the nuts and bolts of smartInfrastructure, then this resource is for you.

Download this paper to get a deep dive into the smartInfrastructure architecture and learn how the combination of a secure, cloud-based control plane, called nebulon ON, and your application servers equipped with a PCIe card, called a services processing unit (SPU) instead of a RAID or FC adapter can give your IT org the infrastructure freedom you (and your app owners) have been wishing for.

Oh and did we mention that with smartInfrastructure your organization gets all the operational benefits of a cloud-managed, API-centric solution that enables you to self-service provision infrastructure, while your most critical apps remain on-prem and secure on an enterprise-class storage platform? Yup, it’s pretty great.