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sell smartInfrastructure and receive $2,000 for every deal closed!

program overview

Nebulon will be rewarding our awesome reseller Partner Account Executives and Partner Systems Engineers for each (1) first qualified meeting completed and (2) closed-won opportunity resulting from deals enrolled in the program.


  • The SMART SPIFF Program is open to resellers in the United States and Canada.
  • Individual must enroll a deal on the deal enrollment page.
  • Deal enrollment must be unique and net-new; unfortunately, neither existing pipeline opportunities nor repeat Nebulon customer opportunities are eligible.
  • A ‘closed-won’ opportunity is a purchase order received by the reseller or server partner directly for a minimum of 4 x 3YR Nebulon ON subscriptions.

incentive payout

  • $250 for each first qualified meeting completed.
  • $2,000 to be split equally between the partner account executive and the partner sales engineer for a closed-won opportunity.
  • The form of the qualified meeting payout and won opportunity payout are American Express gift cards.
  • One (1) recipient for each qualified meeting completed and (2) recipients for each won opportunity.
  • Unfortunately, there is no substitution in the form of payout.

the fine print

  • Employees of Nebulon, their immediate family, and household members are not eligible.
  • Regrettably, employees or internally contracted vendors of governments and government-affiliated companies or organizations are not eligible.
  • Nebulon reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at its discretion without prior written notice.
  • Nebulon reserves the right to add or remove subscriptions or change reward value at any time during the program promotional dates.

*by submitting this meeting referral, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this SPIFF.