Finally, a solution designed to put the application first

modern workloads require modern solutions

New solutions that don’t leave your existing primary applications behind and don’t require you to redevelop your apps.


why smartInfrastructure for VMware?

Curated application templates that are continuously tuned to workload needs, efficient data reduction, and enterprise storage data services allow VM admins to easily instantiate a plethora of VMware clusters, and operate them with ease. All at a fraction of the cost of external arrays and without the compute resource penalty of HCI solutions.

cloud native

why smartInfrastructure for MongoDB?

Nebulon smartInfrastructure is the perfect companion for MongoDB’s scale-out architecture and provides seamless capacity and performance scaling. Use MongoDB as it was designed – no specialized configuration – but with instant recovery from snapshots and centralized storage management across your infrastructure at only a fraction of the cost of external storage.


why smartInfrastructure for Kubernetes?

Nebulon smartInfrastructure was designed for serving storage for stateful (persistent) and stateless (ephemeral) container workloads with a management experience that is native to Kubernetes users. And it doesn’t burden operations teams to deal with the complexities of external storage or maintaining another storage silo just for Kubernetes environments.

bare metal

why smartInfrastructure for Linux apps?

With Nebulon’s visionary approach for a single API, smartInfrastructure equips DevOps teams with a comprehensive SDK to fully automate their infrastructure. Plus, self-service provisioning of infrastructure – including the OS – and full control over all product features make it the ideal solution for infrastructure composability and DevOps.