Nebulon ImmutableBoot



meet Nebulon’s new ‘reboot to recover’ cyber-resilience solution

recover to a known good OS version

with immutable, ‘frozen’
OS instances

recover in under four minutes

full stack recovery with
Nebulon TimeJump

reduce security breaches

by eliminating server configuration drift

why Nebulon ImmutableBoot?

Did you know that misconfiguration and expired server software can lead to server drift or worse, expose your infrastructure to ransomware attacks?

With ImmutableBoot, deploy consistent and predictable operating systems and application configurations. Paired with Nebulon TimeJump, ImmutableBoot allows you to revert to a known, good version of your operating system in just one four-minute operation.

what is ImmutableBoot?

Nebulon ImmutableBoot allows you to protect your application infrastructure with immutable, or “frozen,” server software.

Infected by malware or accidentally misconfigured your server? Simply revert your operating systems and application configurations to a known, good version each time your server reboots.

79% of data center outages involve human errors

Uptime Institute, Global Data Center Survey 2021


Average time to identify a breach due to misconfiguration is 186 days

IBM, Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021​

Nebulon ImmutableBoot in detail

Nebulon smartInfrastructure with ImmutableBoot allows you to enforce best practices to avoid security vulnerabilities by enabling rapid, consistent, and secure deployments of infrastructure and strict controls over change management.

protect against ransomware breaches due to configuration drift

reduce the risk of server drift

Latent configuration drift and snowflake servers that eventually lead to service disruption or security vulnerabilities can be prevented. Make use of immutable operating system boot volumes with Nebulon ImmutableBoot.

With Nebulon ImmutableBoot, you can proactively avoid uncontrolled changes and overcome traditional challenges with consistently and reliably provisioning bare metal infrastructure services.

“reboot to recover” to a known, good OS instance

in the event of a ransomware attack or user misconfiguration

IT infrastructure teams, gain centralized visibility and control over your infrastructure installation and configuration. Plus you have access to centralized automation capabilities to maintain infrastructure consistency indefinitely. The true benefit? Recover to a known, good operating system version in the event of a ransomware attack.

four-minute server infrastructure recovery

of both the OS and application data

Combined with Nebulon TimeJump, ImmutableBoot allows you to revert to a known, good version of your operating system in just one four-minute operation

learn more about ImmutableBoot and TimeJump

are you risking millions in downtime from a ransomware attack?

Learn how we can help you reduce your recovery time to under 4 minutes!


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