nebulon TimeJump for ransomware recovery

the first and only combined server and storage solution architected to allow
complete ransomware recovery in less than 4 minutes

full-stack restore

OS + application data

4 min recovery

vs hours or days

reduced attack surface

isolated security domains

  …Being able to recover quickly is imperative…but recovery tools aren’t accessible when their supporting infrastructure is infected. Nebulon is our antidote to the paradox of management tools depending on the infrastructure they manage. If/when our infrastructure is ever compromised, Nebulon TimeJump will get our infrastructure back up and running so we can restore operations in minutes. No other combined server and storage solution on the market can do this that quickly.  

– Damon Dance, Director of Sales

how to recover from ransomware in under 4 minutes

nebulon TimeJump in detail

Mitigate ransomware attacks so you can recover entire clusters near-instantly after an attack.

completely restore clusters

by eliminating lengthy and manual operating system recovery

Bringing applications back online quickly, reliably and at scale is imperative after a ransomware attack. Nebulon provides not only near-instant restore capabilities for your critical application data but recovers infected operating system volumes, getting you back online and running quickly.

physical infrastructure recovery in 4 minutes

versus hours or days 

When disaster strikes, every minute counts. With Nebulon TimeJump, get push-button, API-accessible recovery of all of your affected servers, saving you millions in downtime and ransomware costs.​

uncompromised data protection services 

even if your operating system is infected by ransomware

With smartInfrastructure, critical enterprise data services such as encryption and snapshots are enabled via a server-embedded services processing unit (SPU) that sits in a separate security and fault domain from the server. This means ransomware on the servers cannot encrypt the drives so you can ensure reliable recovery of your operating system and application data.

recover so you can recover

with a protected management solution

Nebulon TimeJump solves the ransomware paradox for management infrastructure where management tools and VMs are needed for OS recovery, but the OS is needed to run the management VMs. Nebulon places the control plane in the cloud, so it sits outside of the infected domain and can easily direct the SPUs to recover the OS and management VMs, making recovery simple and fast.

“reboot to recover” from ransomware

Combined with nebulon’s newest cyber-resilient solution, nebulon ImmutableBoot, TimeJump allows you to revert to a known, good version of your operating system in just one four-minute operation.


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nebulon TimeJump solution guide

Download the solution guide to learn how nebulon can help you mitigate ransomware attacks by securing operating system and application data.

ransomware: why it’s inevitable and how to speed up recovery 

Nebulon’s head of product management explains why recovery is so complicated and how to speed it up.

ransomware recovery webinar

Learn all about Nebulon TimeJump and how we can help you recover from an attack in under 4 minutes.

are you risking millions in downtime from a ransomware attack?

Learn how we can help you reduce your recovery time to under 4 minutes!


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