Nebulon TripLine for Ransomware Detection

The first combined server and storage threat detection for crypto-ransomware

Identify ransomware attacks

Detect data being encrypted
for the OS & data

Pinpoint the time of attack

Limit the spread & rollback
with greater precision

Recover in minutes

Restore both the OS & data
with Nebulon TimeJump

As a provider of Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management solutions, HIPAA compliance is a top priority for our organization and clients. Nebulon’s new ransomware detection service, combined with their existing recovery features, give us better protect patient privacy, and should be a checklist item for any healthcare provider looking to bolster HIPAA compliance.

– Hamid Amjadi, CEO of Prime Clinical Systems

Nebulon TripLine in detail


Leverage an isolated infrastructure domain to protect application infrastructure

The SPU-based Nebulon Secure Enclave isolates all server lights-out management, data services, boot and data volumes, and attached SSDs from threats so rapid ransomware detection and recovery is possible.

Real-time I/O analysis without application impacts

The Nebulon Secure Enclave uses machine learning on up to 4 million data points per volume, per day to identify suspicious I/O on both OS & data volumes, and sends a signal to the cloud every 30 seconds

Incoming signals compared to historical patterns and flags suspicious I/O

The Nebulon ON cloud uses machine learning and statistical models for historical analysis of reported signals, and generates alerts from potential threats detected in the signal. 

Recover in 4 minutes to a point before the attack occurred

When disaster strikes, Nebulon TimeJump recovers your complete server-storage infrastructure to a precise point-in-time before the attack with a simple push-button, API-accessible recovery step, saving you millions in downtime and ransomware costs.

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Nebulon TripLine Solution Guide

Download the solution guide to learn the first combined server and storage threat detection for crypto-ransomware.

Ransomware Detection – A Question of DNA 

Nebulon’s COO explains how the DNA – the architecture – of application infrastructure matters, and when it comes to ransomware protection.

Ransomware Detection Webinar

Learn how Nebulon can protect, detect, and recover your enterprise from a ransomware attack in minutes.

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Learn how we can help you reduce your recovery time to under 4 minutes!


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