webinar: Supermicro with
cloud-defined storage

get a SaaS-based approach to enterprise-class storage right inside your Supermicro server!

Cloud-Defined Storage (CDS) is a cloud-managed, SaaS which enables on-prem, server-based enterprise storage, automates operations and eliminates expensive 3-tier infrastructure.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how Supermicro with Nebulon’s CDS:

  • Eliminates the expense of external storage arrays by running all enterprise data services on solid state drives INSIDE your Supermicro Ultra Server
  • Consumes zero server CPU, memory, and network overhead so, unlike Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, you can use 100% of your Supermicro Ultra Server for your application workloads  
  • Runs any OS so you can take full advantage of all the performance and flexibility that Supermicro Ultra Servers offer in virtualization, containers, and bare metal application environments
  • Simplifies storage operations with always up-to-date software, AI-assisted remote monitoring & management, and common language SDKs simple at-scale automation
  • Provides self-service infrastructure provisioning so your application owners can do more in deploying and maintaining their Supermicro-based infrastructure

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