support services and policies

The majority of issues will be automatically detected by our Nebulon ON cloud and you will be proactively notified via email or your favorite webhook.

In the event customers identify an issue there are two alternatives:

  1. Submit an issue via our Nebulon ON UI
  2. Submit an issue directly to your server vendor

We strive to reduce the cycles customers need to spend on providing data needed to work issues. As such, our Nebulon ON cloud has most all we need to work customer issues. When submitting an issue via our UI, we only ask for your SPU serial number, description and priority of your issue.

support services

Nebulon support operates as an escalation point from your server vendor and will work to ensure issues and errors specific to Nebulon are resolved.  Nebulon is not accountable for reviewing, writing (or rewriting), or debugging custom or third-party code. This includes any customer specific code or third-party hardware or software you may be using with our products. Furthermore, we do not support any technologies or configurations that are not listed as supported in our product documentation. We will do our best in directing customers to available documentation online to assist with the best path forward.