Nebulon Launches Industry First Combined Server and Storage Threat Detection for Cryptographic Ransomware

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Identify ransomware attacks
Detect data being encrypted for
the OS & data

Pinpoint the time of the attack
Limit the spread & rollback with
greater precision

Recover in minutes
Restore both the OS & data with
Nebulon TimeJump



Why Nebulon for the Distributed Edge?

Solve your biggest security, management and footprint challenges in your regional, local or compute edge datacenters with smartInfrastructure.

Protect, Detect, and Recover from Ransomware in Minutes 

It is a well-known fact that server-storage infrastructure security has lagged behind application & network-level security, leading to more frequent cyber-attacks on your edge deployment.

With Nebulon, cybersecurity and cyber-resilience are built-in to the architecture so you get secure isolation of infrastructure services within each of your edge servers. We call it the Nebulon Secure Enclave, which forms a security barrier between the server’s application domain that has been attacked, and the physical drives that store important data such as snapshots, the operating system, configuration information, and application data.

By adding Nebulon smartInfrastructure to your edge servers, you can now narrow threat vectors with Nebulon ImmutableBootTM, detect a ransomware breach with Nebulon TripLineTM, and recover from a ransomware attack in less than for minutes with Nebulon TimeJumpTM.

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Hardware Root
of Trust


SSO Integration
with Azure AD


Reduce Management Overhead at the Edge by 75%

The complexity of managing up to thousands of remote edge sites is dramatically simplified with a control plane in the cloud, like Nebulon ON, which enables zero-touch monitoring & maintenance across your fleet of edge sites.

Plus, Nebulon’s unique remote control of both data and boot volumes means you can handle failed boot drives, OS software failures, and even low-level firmware updates edge-wide without sending someone on-site. And Nebulon Machine Images provide fast, templatized deployment & change management of servers, storage and applications across all sites as easily as if you were updating a single site. 

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Fleet Management


Instantiate in Minutes

Saas Updates

Reduce Edge Costs by 33% 

More cost-effective edge infrastructure is possible when edge servers are equipped with a DPU-based data services offload card like the Nebulon Services Processing Unit (SPU). The SPU offloads data services from the server CPU and memory, enabling more workloads per server and less infrastructure per edge site vs HCI.

Other edge site cost savings are possible with Nebulon’s 2-node HA cluster featuring an automated quorum witness service in the cloud that requires no user setup, additional hardware or quorum VM’s to install and maintain. In addition, the 2-node cluster does not require the purchase of a 10/25G switch so your cost savings keep adding up! 

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Data Services Offload

2-Node HA Cluster

Cloud Quorum Witness

Switchless Configs

Boot Volume Support

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