why go smart?

bring the cloud experience to your enterprise applications
with a single API across your entire on-premises deployment

lessons from ‘smart’ consumer technology help bring the cloud experience on-prem

smartInfrastructure benefits

easy to deploy

immediate value

any application


simple to automate

automatic updates

cloud intelligence

remote controlled

why smartInfrastructure?

rapid time-to-value

“rack to full stack in minutes” for any application, anywhere

rapid composability for virtualized, containerized & bare metal applications from core to the edge

delivers cloud-like operations

“zero-touch” remote fleet management reduces operational overhead by up to 75%

AI-assisted and API-first infrastructure management delivered as-a-service


significant efficiency and cost improvement versus HCI and external storage

avoiding Hyper-converged Infrastructure improves application server density up to 33%; avoiding external storage reduces costs up to 50%


standard OS driver support for any application, today and tomorrow

protect your investments with flexible infrastructure both now and in the future

no new vendor required

have a favorite server vendor? you’re covered

smartInfrastructure comes as a standard option from your favorite server vendor

it’s time to view the cloud as an operating model, not the destination

feature resources

read up, chat up, and stay up (-to-date), on everything smartInfrastructure