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Server-embedded, infrastructure software delivered as-a-service

get the cloud experience, on-prem with smartInfrastructure

nebulon smartInfrastructure is server-embedded, infrastructure software delivered as-a-service, which offers self-service provisioning, infrastructure management and enterprise shared and local data services, across your entire on-prem deployment, anywhere for any application.

the best part? you will never have to depend on HCI or 3-tier architectures again.

smartInfrastructure solutions

nebulon smartCore

The nebulon smartCore solution enables rapid time-to-value plus simplified operations and maintenance versus traditional approaches to infrastructure for core and hosted data centers.

Kubernetes, VMware & Bare-Metal

nebulon smartEdge

The nebulon smartEdge solution addresses the density, cost and remote management challenges experienced with traditional solutions for highly distributed infrastructure at the enterprise edge.

Kubernetes, VMware & Bare-Metal

nebulon smartIaaS

The nebulon smartIaaS solution enables new revenue, incremental gross margin and increased customer satisfaction for cloud service providers​.

Kubernetes, VMware & Bare-Metal

what is smartInfrastructure?

It’s like a smart home solution, but for your data centers

Similar to consumer-tech smart solutions, nebulon smartInfrastructure is comprised of an AI-assisted, cloud control plane called, nebulon ON, which powers an IoT endpoint called an SPU (services processing unit). The SPUs are embedded in your application servers and form a data plane. Nebulon smartInfrastructure delivers a full suite of infrastructure provisioning and management and enterprise data services. Unlike Hyper-converged Infrastructure, smartInfrastructure doesn’t consume any server memory, CPU or network resources and is available from your favorite server vendor.

step 1


with nebulon ON enjoy simple, secure,
hyperscale cloud-based administration

infrastructure management as-a-service

with cloud-delivered software

Lengthy and complex software update procedures are an artifact of the past. Make use of new features and enhancements instantly through cloud-delivered software updates “as-a-service” – an experience that has yet to become mainstream in on-prem enterprise applications. Also, with AIOps, enjoy predictive maintenance and simplified troubleshooting. Plus get centralized server, storage, and application visibility that enables the necessary tooling of real-time detection of latent issues across your stack and the facilities for corrective measures.

What You Get

  • software updates as-a-service
  • continuous improvement of services through use of AI/ML
  • full stack monitoring and insights
  • fleet manage firmware of many devices (e.g. SSD firmware updates)

API-driven automation

and universal insights at your fingertips

Fully automate your entire IT infrastructure at scale with a single API endpoint, direct access to AIOps functions and a consistent API version across all services . Plus with global insights, unlock unprecedented opportunities for DevOps teams to control and query their servers, storage, and applications.

What You Get

  • integrate into existing automation frameworks (Ansible, Terraform)
  • automate tedious, manual workflows into a single command
  • geographically distributed physical infrastructure insights

self-service infrastructure provisioning

from a catalog that provides curated services for your application clusters

Dynamically compose your infrastructure for your application when combining servers and internal storage media in a cluster. Tailored application templates ensure a magical “zero-touch” provisioning experience. Even better? Provision your boot drives & OS images in the same zero-touch approach, so app owners can build complete application clusters at ease.

What You Get

  • OS image/boot provisioning
  • Dynamic application provisioning
  • “Rack to full stack” in <10 minutes

and do it all while maintaining enterprise class security & availability

Your data and infrastructure control are confined to your datacenters, where role-based management and hardware-accelerated encryption keeps it secure and private, in-flight and at-rest. This means you can enjoy the benefits of cloud-management without sacrificing on security.

see nebulon in action

step 2


with a data plane made up of cloud-managed, embedded IoT endpoints in your app server


benefit from complete data services offload

anywhere—from the core to edge

Implemented on a dedicated card that functions as an IoT endpoint, the nebulon SPU is embedded in your favorite vendors application server. This embedded infrastructure solution has none of the drawbacks of Hyper-converged Infrastructure–no server CPU, memory or networking resource overhead–and supports any application type, containerized, virtualized or bare-metal. By fully offloading all shared and local enterprise data services onto the SPU, server-embedded infrastructure software improves application and server density cost-effectively whether your data is hosted, resides in your core data center or is at the edge.


with an any-application support model

Application developers now have the freedom of choice. Hypervisor and OS agnostic, the nebulon server-embedded infrastructure software solution supports all application types including containers, virtualization and bare-metal. Furthermore, the nebulon SPU in the server-based solution delivers a full suite of enterprise data services consistently across these deployment types and doesn’t require any specialized driver on the application server.

enjoy better server-based infrastructure control

with improved node management and resilience

Full control over the boot device lets you deploy application clusters and data volumes in minutes. And because the OS and data services sit on separate fault domains, customers can remotely update application clusters without disrupting or degradating access to data. Tolerate application server CPU, memory and OS failures without disrupting data services to the entire application cluster.

group your app servers into nebulon nPods to

build workload-aware application clusters

Network-connect multiple SPUs across your on-prem application servers and compose them into nPods that provide enterprise shared or local data services for your clustered applications. Consistently & rapidly instantiate SPU-enabled clusters with operating systems and enterprise data services, by applying workload-tailored application templates using the cloud control plane, nebulon ON.

is this like SDS or HCIS? Nope.

smartInfrastructure consumes no application server CPU or memory resources.

The Nebulon SPU is embedded in your server by your server vendor

2x 10/25 Gb Ethernet

connects to your standard switches

1 GB Ethernet

out-of-band cloud management

8-core CPU

enterprise data services with all-flash array latencies

standard PCI Express x16


connects to your server-based storage

SSDs from your server vendor

improve application server density up to 33% vs HCI, zero compromise

server-embedded, infrastructure software with zero compromise

With server-embedded, infrastructure software avoid the density and application restrictions of Hyper-converged Infrastructure and also enjoy a full set of enterprise data services with dedupe, compression, erasure coding, encryption, snapshots, mirroring, at all-flash array latencies.

hypervisor/os agnostic

no software required on the server

enterprise data services

dedupe, compression, erasure coding, encryption, snapshots, data mirroring

separate fault domain

data/drive access even if server fails

all-flash array latencies

powerful CPUs/processing

1.33x app/vm density

advantage vs. ‘restrictive’ HCI


nPods with up to 32 servers/pod

workload aware

with tailored application templates

but wait…

yet another IT vendor in my datacenter?

No. nebulon smartInfrastructure is a standard option of your favorite application server. It’s purchased from and supported by your trusted server vendor as part of your standard server configuration.

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