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Transform your server estate into a cyber-resilient, cloud operating platform

Enjoy the benefits of the public cloud?

get the same experience
on-premises, from core to edge

With nebulon smartInfrastructure you get a control plane, nebulon ON, a data plane delivered by PCIe cards, nebulon services processing units (SPUs), and curated application templates called nebulon machine images. These all combine to form a cyber-resilient, cloud operating platform for on-premises IT.

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fully manage your infrastructure from the cloud

With nebulon ON, infrastructure management is a breeze. Anyone can provision and monitor infrastructure from anywhere and deep infrastructure operations can be handled non-disruptively.

Plus, nebulon ON is packaged in a way that is maintenance-free with new capabilities appearing seamlessly in the UI like any cloud-based application.

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test-drive the nebulon ON UI to see it in action

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offload infrastructure and data services
to a PCIe device

SPUs in every one of your servers provide the maximum workload efficiency and improved physical density to dramatically reduce your infrastructure costs.

Plus, SPUs also operate in isolated security & fault domains within the servers, which means you can reduce downtime and mitigate the risk of ransomware.

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test-drive smartInfrastructure to see it in action

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customizable templates for any application

Nebulon machine images are customizable application templates, which enable you to provision your on-premises infrastructure consistently and predictably starting day one.

Worried about maintaining day one consistency? With immutable instances, you can maintain consistency and predictability over time.

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yet another IT vendor in my datacenter?

no. nebulon is a standard option of your favorite application server. It’s purchased from and supported by your trusted server vendor as part of your standard server configuration.

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