nebulon smartCore for VMware modernization

why nebulon smartCore?

transform your traditional virtualization environment into a hyperscale internal cloud ​


less time spent on admin/reporting


VMware server provisioning vs days


data/storage offline during updates


fewer server & licensing costs vs HCI

What made Nebulon really attractive was the fact that we cut our costs in half versus purchasing disaggregated storage and compute solutions. And because the solution doesn’t consume any server CPU, memory, or networking resources like HCI alternatives, we are able to use 100% of our server for the applications we run. 

– Marc Pratt, Strategic Alliances Manager at SYSDBA

nebulon smartCore in detail

Nebulon smartCore is a VMware-focused reference architecture designed to help enterprises address key challenges they face with existing hyperconverged infrastructure solutions to improve ROI and reduce operational overhead.

grow revenues faster


less time spent on admin/reporting


VMware server 

provisioning vs days

reduced operational overheads & infrastructure-as-code experience for VMware

single click updates/reporting filtered by geo, app or group 
– as-a-service cloud-based managemen
templates instantiate IT-certified VMware data stores in minutes

improved availability and security


data/storage offline during updates

maintain or improve maintain/improve data availability

– as-a-service software updates delivered non-disruptively  
software micro-updates never take storage resources offline
separate SPU & server fault domains means server & hypervisor maintenance never takes storage resources offline

reduce infrastructure costs


fewer server & licensing costs vs HCI

meaningful infrastructure cost reduction & density advantage​​​

– no server resources are consumed by data services​
– native bare metal & container support avoids hypervisor cost​
– improved density results cost savings in space, power, cooling & admin​

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nebulon VMware blueprint

Download this blueprint to learn how VM admins can easily instantiate VMware clusters and operate them with ease—without the compute resource and related software license penalty of HCI solutions.

3 ways to modernize your VMware

Learn how nebulon enables a cloud-like VMware user experience, improved availability and security and lower costs – now and in the future​.

why nebulon smartCore for VMware modernization

Transform your traditional virtualization environment into a hyper scale internal cloud.

are you buying 33% more servers than you need?

And spending 33% more on software licenses, power, cooling, and data center space? Download the guide to learn where you may be overspending on HCI and how smartInfrastucture can help you more economically deliver services for virtualized, bare-metal and native container-based applications.

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