comport with nebulon cloud-defined storage webinar

death to the SAN:
the only way to get a cloud experience on-prem?

Data centers today need a highly flexible and agile environment, especially when it comes to deploying modern workloads. But the options are limited to expensive and tough to automate 3-tier architecture/SANs or HCI, which restricts your OS choice and steals 25% of servers’ resources from your apps. By the way, neither of these options can deliver you the cloud experience on prem that your application owners desire.

If you’re looking to bring the ease and simplicity of the public cloud to your on-prem applications, look no further than Comport. Comport has partnered with Nebulon to bring you Cloud-Defined Storage, a cloud-managed SaaS enabling storage operations-as-a-service, self-service infrastructure and on-prem, and server-based enterprise storage, eliminating expensive 3-tier infrastructure for your most critical applications. 

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Deploy a solution with rapid composability for virtualized, containerized & bare-metal applications from core to the edge
  • Enable “as-a-service” storage operations to reduce operational overhead by up to 75%
  • Eliminate external storage costs up to 50% and preserve 100% of the server for any application, unlike HCI
  • All with no new vendor required — Cloud-Defined Storage comes as a server option in your HPE ProLiant DL380

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