MSPs: How to Recover Your Clients From Ransomware (In 4-minutes)

Security and ransomware are the hot topics for MSPs and their customers, so it’s a no brainer that most MSPs have a managed security offering in their services portfolio. The challenge, however, is that most security and ransomware solutions typically focus on discovery, prevention, and avoidance .

As an MSP with responsibility for keeping a customer’s infrastructure available and running, ask yourself these questions…

  • “how long will it take to recover a ransomed customer to production state?”
  • “how many technical resource hours will it cost to recover the customer?”
  • “what preventative actions can I take today that would speed up a future customer recovery scenario?”
  • and finally, “will they still be a customer when the dust finally settles?”

Register for this on-demand to learn how partnering with Nebulon means you can recover your customers from a ransomware attack in under 4 minutes, and grow your margins and reduce your customer churn.

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