The first and only converged infrastructure DPU

Meet the Nebulon Medusa2 services processing unit (SPU), which runs NebOS, a powerful DPU-based operating system providing unified storage, network and cyber services on a single, secure, cloudmanaged, server-embedded PCIe card

The Nebulon Medusa2 SPU

A Converged Infrastructure DPU delivering unified services on a card in your application server

One Card Offloads All
Infrastructure Services

Embedded Security: Hardware Root of Trust

Plug & Play for any OS
& Application-Type

What You Get

Enterprise Data Services

Network Services

Cyber Services

Server Management

How It Works

The next-generation Nebulon ‘Medusa2’ SPU is a PCIe Gen 5 DPU leveraging the NVIDIA BlueField-3 Networking Platform, and:  

  • Includes 16 powerful ARM cores and 48GB of DDR5 power unified storage, network, & cyber services, plus integrations with server LoM for additional remote control
  • Replaces the storage and smartNIC cards in the server
  • Connects directly to the server’s internal NVMe (as well as SAS & SATA) SSDs
  • Serves the boot and data volumes to the host
  • Protects data server reboots & serve crashes.

Try the Nebulon Medusa2 SPU

Nebulon Medusa2 SPU:

Enabling a new class of infrastructure


One Card Offloads All Infrastructure Services

Enterprise Data Services:

With nebOS, Medusa2 offloads a full suite of enterprise data services including deduplication, compression, erasure coding, encryption, snapshots, mirroring, NVMe-over-fabrics, reducing server CPU overhead by 25% versus hyperconverged platforms.

Cyber Services

nebOS on Medusa2 also includes key cyber-resilient features including immutable boot protection, ransomware detection in under 2.5 minutes, and ransomware recovery in under 4 minutes.

NEW! Network Services

nebOS on Medusa2 now delivers NVIDIA ConnectX-7 Ethernet NIC.

Server LoM Integration

Medusa2 uses Redfish APIs to integrate with server lights-out management functions, providing inventory services, boot drive changes, and remote power on/off.

Embedded Security

Hardware Root-of-Trust:

The Medusa2 SPU includes a cryptographic co-processor with ultra-secure hardware-based cryptographic key storage and cryptographic countermeasures which strengthens protection against any potential software-related backdoor weakness. 

Nebulon SPUs use secure boot capabilities to ensure that the lowest levels of nebOS are not tampered with and that only trusted nebOS firmware from Nebulon loads at startup. In nebOS, security begins in immutable code that is part of its CPU and laid down during card fabrication. This ensures the SPU only boots using firmware which is authentic and properly signed by Nebulon.

End-to-end Encryption:

Encryption is always-on in-flight and at-rest with zero-touch, hardware-assisted key management. Dedicated AES hardware engines power line-speed encryption as data is accessed. As Nebulon smartInfrastructure uses a scale-out architecture, each SPU in a nPod participates in data encryption and decryption using their own AES hardware engine. The SPU in the application server encrypts data as it is written. Similarly, the SPU in the application server decrypts data as it is read. This ensures that data is protected as it enters or leaves the Secure Enclave without exposing plaintext data to the network. 

Plug & Play for any OS/Hypervisor
 & Application-type

Any OS Support:

OS support and integrations including VMware VAAI/vCenter Integrations, storage-aware VM placement, Linux K3s/K8s CSI driver, Windows failover clustering.

Any Application Support:

Supports any application including virtualization, containers & bare metal.

Unified Storage, Network & Cyber Services on a DPU

Replace the storage adapter and smartNIC in your server with a single DPU card delivering unified infrastructure services.


Networking Platform
NVIDIA BlueField-3
16 ARM A78 Hecules cores
48GB DDR5 memory (80 GB/s)
x8 Gen5 PCIe host Connectivity
Up to 200 Gb/s


Port Configuration
2x 10/25/50/100Gb Ethernet options
Management Port
1x 1Gb Ethernet RJ45
Internal Storage Connectivity
16x tri-mode backed ports
Drive Support
Network Support
CX-7 HW-accelerated networking


Battery Backup
Single-cell Li-ion
Image Recovery
Push-button FW image/state instantiation

How does the Nebulon Medusa2 SPU fit into smartInfrastrucure?

Transform industry-standard servers to efficient, cyber-resilient 
application infrastructure

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