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Back in June, we announced a formal partnership with Supermicro and we are super excited to be able to talk about the joint solution in more detail.

Supermicro is well-known as a leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology innovation. For IT organizations deploying a combination of Supermicro’s Ultra servers and enterprise-class shared storage, they have needed to engage and coordinate not one but (a minimum of) two IT vendors to fulfill their needs.

With the addition of Nebulon smartInfrastructure technology to the Supermicro Ultra portfolio, enterprises can now get industry-leading servers with cloud-managed, enterprise-class storage they need for virtualized, containerized or bare metal applications all from Supermicro!


Let’s take a quick run through the benefits of Supermicro’s smartInfrastructure solution:

  1. Eliminate the Expense of External Storage Arrays
    Run all enterprise data services on solid state drives INSIDE your Supermicro Ultra Server—and save up to 50% versus the cost of an expensive external storage array.
  2. Put More ‘Server’ in your Server-Based Storage
    smartInfrastructure for Supermicro consumes zero server CPU, memory, and network overhead so, unlike Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, you can use 100% of your Supermicro Ultra Server for your application workloads (and avoid paying for software licenses on CPU cores running storage services instead of your application).
  3. Any OS, Any Hypervisor, Any Time
    smartInfrastructure is OS agnostic so you can take full advantage of all the performance and flexibility that Supermicro Ultra Servers offer in virtualization, containers, and bare metal application environments.
  4. Gmail-like Software Updates
    Simplify your storage operations with Gmail-like software updates-as-a-service and make use of new features instantly.
  5. Simple, At-Scale Automation
    With smartInfrastructure, a fully programmable endpoint in the cloud with simple common language SDKs gets you cloud-scale reporting, orchestration and fleet management.
  6. Self-Service Infrastructure Provisioning
    Whether it be for Kubernetes, bare metal apps or virtualization, your DevOps teams can provision the Supermicro-based infrastructure they need in the way your experts have specified with simple one-click application templates.
  7. One-Stop Shopping (and Support)!
    smartInfrastructure comes as a standard option in your Supermicro server, which means you don’t have to add yet another vendor to your datacenter.

Interested in learning more? Join our webinar on November 12th, where we’ll dive into the details on the points made above, get a perspective on the joint solution from Supermicro, learn more about the smartInfrastructure technology from the brains behind the solution itself, Nebulon CEO Siamak Nazari and even get a demo of the joint solution in action!

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Craig Nunes


Previously 3PAR VP of Product & Marketing, then HPE VP of Global Storage Product Management & Marketing.